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15 March 2014 @ 08:52 am
Last month I was bogged down by real life. Usually I have enough extra time to pursue and obsess over my 'hobbies.' Last month I learned a couple of things. The first is how valuable time can be. Writing has always been important, even if I don't publicly talk about it. Truthfully, for me it's a personal process and I don't want to discuss it in public ways, maybe that will change one day. Anyway, time. Since the start of the year I've been doing battle with time, knocking it around, letting it kick my ass. What happens when you work so much and you can't even mindlessly think of that story? What happens when you're so tired that when you get home you just want to sleep but watch the computer screen, read your words and feel at a total loss? I cried, I raged, and threw fits. Oh and video games--what the hell are those? Those wonderful colorful pieces of awesome I used to spend time on? Woe on life. ~shakes fist at the sky.~


What else I learned? Once upon a time I was just out of college, didn't have a lot of money nor a lot of choices and went through a string of very crappy jobs, you think I would have learned my lesson. I guess I didn't. I learned once again that the world is full of people who will exploit others, and use others to exploit more. All it takes is one person in a crappy position, and there isn't a lot the person in the crappy situation can do. Yes, this is vague and vague gets. It isn't going to get any clearer, not right now anyway. The point I'm making is that for three weeks I had to recognize an awful situation and then dig a way out. I'm lucky in that I'm involved with a lot of awesome wonderful people who are willing to help me. Not everyone is and I hate that. It doesn't take money or religion to be a good person.
It just takes one person.
Who decides to be awesome.
I hope I'm also like that.


In other news: and on the topic of friends. One of my best buds, in fact in another life I'm almost sure was my sister, surprised me by coming by. There is nothing better that surprise visits from friends. Another friend, who might have been some kind of relation to me in a past life as well, is starting a journey that I'm both proud, a little envious, but most of all excited for her.
There is a warm special feeling when people you care about do well.
Or you see them work so hard, and then they make it.

Alright, no more warm and fuzzy. I swear!
I'm getting back to my video games. Most notably:


I will say I've never played an Assassin's Creed game until now. Why you might ask? Well, there wasn't pirates. Yes, I'm weak when it comes to pirates. Those thieves, but there is a romance to it right? Right? No, there isn't. They were most likely horrible people who have been falsely romanticized--thieves and murders. But they're kind of rebels, and there is my weakness, and this Assassin's Creed game is capitalizing on that fact. It could only get better if I can play a woman pirate who is looking to beat all the odds.

Oh wait! There is a woman heroine in one of these games:

Of course they put her story on a handheld system. ~massive eyeroll~ and she isn't a pirate.
I get it. I can't have my cake and eat it, but if I could games makers, I would!

That's all for now!
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24 April 2013 @ 09:55 am
I've  neglected this journal of mine once again. It really can't be helped. Truthfully I would assume the world not know that much about me. You know what they say, the more you know someone... That's not always true, in fact, it's not true at all usually. Not true for me anyway. I usually like people more when I get to know them better.

On to the fun stuff! Other than reading a writing, as always I've been playing games. Right now I'm stuck on what I think is the last level of this...
I know how the cover looks, and I won't say anything for its defense in that department, but I will say that this has to be one of the most different games I've ever played. It's a lot like watching anime, and playing a game. The game play is all puzzles that involve moving blocks around to make a path climbing up. Simple, frustrating and controller throwing fun! The puzzles are the main characters dreams. In his everyday life he is dating a girl name Katherine (on the Xbox cover) and then meets Catherine (On the PS3). He ends up tangled in what I think is both of their webs, but I haven't finished it, I'm stuck at the very end! (Super whine!) I haven't looked up anything on the net, or cheated.... Yet!

And then there was this....

Need I really say more? Or really I should. We, which also means the hubby, went out and got it when it came out. He asked if I was going to play it. I often don't mess with the shooters, but I said maybe, most likely. Then he put the game in. I think I might have watched him play it for the first two hours. It was such a mystery, the world was so beautiful, I was sucked in and I wasn't even playing the damn game! I didn't play it and won't, because I watched him beat it. It kind of takes the fun out of it for me, but I couldn't look away! It's that impressive! BTW this also would have made an amazing book!

I've always been a fan of MMORPGs. I've just never had enough time to devote with one. My brother talked me into Guild Wars 2. I figured I could play with him every now again. Bonding is such awesome sauce! Anyway, as it turns out the game is more addictive than a lot of other MMOs I've played. So far I've been working on a female thief...
My thief doesn't actually look like this one, but she does have the armor on the right, the second from the end. I have to say that my colors are very different from this model. This one might also be a different race, mine is a human. I kind of like the torn up jacket look, haven't found that though. I usually go with a half-elf or elf thief in rpgs, but the elf like character in Guild Wars looked too much like a flower for my tastes. I just couldn't do it. Anyway, I should do some screen shots of her and my Mesmer.

Well that's it for now. As always I'll try to update more frequently, but I doubt that will happen.

Beth ^_^
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16 January 2013 @ 08:26 pm

Wow, its been a while! It isn't because I have been busy. I have been away because I am a bad personal blogger. Give me a topic and I can rant, rave, and type till my hands fall off, but tell me to write something personal and I clam up. Well in this New Year I am going to force myself to stop clamming up! I will add it to my now public goals!

1. My writing goal- I plan to write or edit at least two thousand words five days a week. This doesn't count the reviews I do, or the articles I work on. It all has to be my fiction. While so far this has been a realistic accomplishment, even so far that most days I go well over two thousand, it does count into some other stuff. (Like my video game time.)

2. Make an eye doctor and dentist appointment- My vision is bad, but I am not going blind and my teeth aren't falling out. I have a thing with people in uniform, or maybe people with authority? Either way any kind of doctor appointment makes me nervous, and I usually make excuses to delay or bail out for some reason, but not this year! I know, this is a silly goal.

3. Finish my second draft and get some more stories done and out! Ha! I have published this publicly. Now I have no choice!

4. Start posting here more often!

5. If you have a GoodReads account you know about how you can set book goals. Every year I put mine at 99 or 100. In 2011 I did 90 and 87 in 2012. (Even though it didn't seem to count them right.) I put 99 this year, and I swear by the reading gods I will have read 99 books this year if I have to read kids books!


Until next time!
Have a great day/night!
Beth ^_^
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01 November 2012 @ 10:29 am
October wasn't a happening month, but that's okay. The cold gets to me. I become a lot less active, and a lot more content to sit on my butt and read or play games wrapped in a glorious amount of blankets! The election stuff is going on, which adds more reasons to avoid people. That might sound crazy, but around these parts people forget that talking about politics isn't polite. I need desperately to go fix my highlights, but I don't dare go. I am too frightened that whatever hair chick I get (no, I don't have someone specific), might say something disastrous. It won't be my fault when I tell her I have had enough.


To get in the holiday mood I rented F.E.A.R. 3. You can get it for both the Playstation and the Xbox, but I don't remember which I got it for, we have both. I usually love horror survival games, for the most part anyway, but this wasn't one I loved. F.E.A.R. 3 is the third game in the series. I didn't play the first two, but watched someone else play them. They always have a lot of neat graphics, but I was more than a little disappointed in this one. Nothing looked new or impressive. You play as one of two brothers, or in my case you just play with one brother. After you beat the game with one brother, it prompts the player to go through it with the other brother. Due to the (frustrating) repetitive nature of the first, I wasn't about to go through the game a second time. I am not a fan of doing it all over again, once I beat something, its beat. I am not a player who will go back through the game.
I do not fear your judgement!

Let me tell you why- If you had Barbies as a kid, what did you do with them? Did you dress them up a hundred different ways? Maybe with paper dolls. I did. Good god, I shutter of all the mismatched outfits my poor dolls had. This game is like that, except there are so many possibilities!!! Every time I turn on my 3DS my inner little girl is dancing with joy. I didn't just buy this one, I picked it up the day it hit the shelf. It is the second in its series, and has vastly improved since the first! I haven't beat it yet, its not that kind of game. ;)


Another game I am currently playing.
Spider-Man is frustrating! Yet I keep playing. I have it currently rented on the Xbox 360, it has a cartoon graphic feel which I enjoy. Its also making me want to pick up the Spider-Man Noir comic. What's frustrating are the damn controls! I spend a lot of time on lazy weekends yelling at my T.V. as Spider-Man once again refuses a request via controller.


I have finished a total of six books in October.
Two in Fantasy
Two in Urban Fantasy
One YA (dystopian/near future-ish)
One Paranormal Romance

Most were for review- Reviews that are already out-
Sacrifice the Wicked by Karina Cooper- Here

You can always check out what I read and what I thought of them here.


The more is more what happened to our checking account, and how much Wells Fargo sucks. My husband made a semi-large purchase. Before this happened he called the bank, said the usual, 'Hey, don't freeze us when I buy said thing.' So two days after he buys said thing, though I am sure they had just processed it or whatever they do, he gets gas first thing in the morning only to discover his debt card isn't working. Not a big deal, he calls the number on the back, and says, 'Hey, unfreeze it. Here is the code.' The lady on the other end tells him he has to go to a store location. So he drives his car that way, which is very low on gas.

The lady inside the location is very rude to him. It doesn't help that the bank had already inconvenienced his whole morning, and he is late to work. The lady at the counter impresses upon my husband that all of this was his fault, for apparently using our own money. She still unfreezes the account, but by then he has talked to me, and we decide it is best to close all accounts at this over large bank. That's right, I am not just complaining. We did something about it.

It's a sad world when people give you grief about using your own money. Perhaps the lady my husband spoke with was just having a bad day, but either way, he did call them ahead of time to tell them what he was doing. In fact I took a trip out of state a month ago, maybe longer now, and they didn't once flag the account. None of this matters now. We are happy at the new place we put our money in, but it was the first time I have had issues with a bank.

Beth ^_^
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26 September 2012 @ 10:35 am
I have kept a book blog for the past year, but am slowly giving it up, or maybe not. I don't know for sure yet. I am doing a lot of reviews for other places, so much that I rarely have time for mine. Since I am not blogging there I still want to blog about my day to day, so I am switching here where I can better talk about all of my many projects, and maybe some other silly stuff.

So here is some of the stuff I am working on, and because it is public I will have to get it done. That is the idea anyway.
  • First thing is the ever so wonderful novel, that right now is awesome sauce, but in a couple months I will be whining about it like mad. I have broken it up into three sections for editing and want to have it finished by the end of the year. I have already started on the edits even though it isn't October yet. There is a lot of operations that have to be done.
  • Halloween is coming, and this year we live somewhere we might get to give out candy! I love Halloween, it might be my favorite! Usually we carve pumpkins, if we do so this year I will be chatty about designs and stuff. Not that I am a good carver or anything. In fact it was something I never did growing up. My husbands family did, and he put us in that tradition. It is something I enjoy so much!
  • I need to read. Usually I am not this far behind on books that I need to read. I am almost caught up, and think I will be caught up by October.
  • Not this weekend but next my best friend is coming into town! No parties or anything planned, but we will have a great time all the same. Truthfully all the 'parties' I ever do are really just hanging out with people, the less money spent the better.
  • Oh! Last on this list. I want to have at least one more short story officially out looking for a home. I have two out-and-about, but I want one more. Maybe a ton more actually. I really want some finished projects.

Beth ^_^
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